Solar H1Z2Z2-K 1 x 4mm Black 100m

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Product information

4mm Solar Cable LSHF RUBBER Flex for connecting solar panels installations

Rated at 1800V for indoor and outdoor installations including exposed to sun rays

Special features: The cable is tested to work for at least 25 years with thermal endurance properties (temperature index TI): 120°C referring to 20000 h (EN 60216-1)

H1Z2Z2-K type EN 50618

Flexible conductors to BS EN 60228:2005, tinned copper, flexible, class 5

Insulation: special compound cross-linked HT-PVI (LSHF)

Sheath: special compound cross-linked HT-PVG (LSHF)

Flame propagation: EN 60332-1-2

Corrosive gases or halogens: EN 50267-2-1 and EN 50267-2-2

UV resistance: HD 605-A1

Ozone resistance: EN 50396

Resistance to heat stress: EN 60216-1

Low Voltage Directive: 2006/95/EC

RoHS Directive: 2011/65/EC

Max current rating 55Amps

Temperature range -40°C to +90°C (Max. overload temperature: 120°C and Max. short circuit temperature: 250°C)

1 Core: Black

This product must be installed in accordance with BS7671 Wiring Regulations

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Technical specifications

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